Laurie Toby Edison


Familiar Men

reviews & comments

  • Familiar Men: A Book of Nudes is radical. It shows pictures of nude guys. Everyday guys. Guys who look like you and me, or at least you, because listen, darling, the Botox thing? Magic. Can you tell I'm frowning? Me neither. ... Healthy male self-imagery? In a photo book? There's a switch. A good one. You can bet your Botox on that.”
    – Dave Ford, San Francisco Chronicle
  • The photographs of Laurie Toby Edison ... are sublime black-and-white essays on the beauty of the human body that are also a protest against preconceived images of beauty that discriminate against those who don't fit the bill.”
    – Mary Gallant, Asahi Evening News (Tokyo)
  • These photographs [in Familiar Men] speak to men's understanding of themselves and each other, as well as social understanding of men in general.”
    – NY Arts Magazine/Berliner Kunst
  • I was knocked out by [these] beautiful images of bodies.

    Thank you so much for ... putting out such beauty and passion,”

    – Eve Ensler
  • Generally, the body image tyranny found in ... holds: no fats, no femmes, no body hair, no plain faces. Photographer Laurie Toby Edison turns that image on its head. Her subjects aren't supermen, but Edison delivers gentle photos that are at once affirming, lovely, and subtly erotic.”
    – SF Weekly