Laurie Toby Edison


The whole project shifts my sense of male bodies in representation.

— Samuel R. Delany

Familiar Men

A Book of Nudes

Photographs by Laurie Toby Edison

Introduction by Michael Kimmel

Text by Debbie Notkin with Richard F. Dutcher

60 Fine Art Photographs

Familiar Men is in print and available for sale.

In Laurie Toby Edison’s style of inclusive photography, the models collaborate with the photographer to create a relaxed, comfortable portrait. This transgressive, powerful, and attractive approach to portrait photography changes how viewers see the human body: your own body, the bodies of people you love, and the bodies of strangers.

Opportunities to see nude portraits of anyone who is not conventionally attractive are disturbingly rare. By revealing men as they are — old and young, fat and thin, varied in race, class and ethnicity — Edison provides a new kind of permission for all men to accept themselves as attractive, sensual beings. By providing beautiful and powerful images of diverse men, Edison expands the definition of beauty. The models for the book include college professors, performance artists, radio personalities, warehouse workers, publishers, carpenters and more.