Laurie Toby Edison


Women En Large

reviews & comments

  • I was knocked out by [these] beautiful images of bodies.

    Thank you so much for ... putting out such beauty and passion,”

    – Eve Ensler
  • The photographs of Laurie Toby Edison ... are sublime black-and-white essays on the beauty of the human body that are also a protest against preconceived images of beauty that discriminate against those who don’t fit the bill.”
    – Mary Gallant, Asahi Evening News (Tokyo)
  • I started this project because I was so fascinated by the artistic possibilities in the bodies of fat women. Thin women’s bodies are pretty much all alike; fat women have much more variety. My goal has been to show that the women are both beautiful and real; not just like an Impressionist painting where the women may be beautiful but can be dismissed as simply an artist’s image.”
    – Laurie Toby Edison, photographer
  • Fat women’s pictures have a story to tell; our words have a parallel tale. Looking at the pictures and reading the text a coherence emerges: full and rich lives, careers, relationships, creativity, spirituality, children, all play against a background of common experience and ongoing discovery and rediscovery of how we’ve been misshapen and how we make ourselves whole.”
    – Debbie Notkin, model and editor/author
  • Women En Large is a coming-out in proud black and white. Freed of convention and easy with themselves, the women here have turned around societies discomfort with large bodies. ‘Here are my big thighs,’ they say, ‘my broad breasts, my rolling belly. Don’t like them? That’s your problem, not mine.’”
    – Hollis L. Engley, Gannet News Service
  • Women En Large is a powerful, positively subversive debut. Those who prefer to keep women ashamed, starved and, preoccupied are sure to be horrified.”
    – Susan Kano, Author, Making Peace with Food