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What My Beloved Old Cat, Jackie, Has Taught Me

No one likes a war. Everyone wishes for peace. Then, why can’t we get rid of war for good? The answer is the “military-industrial complex,” the gigantic “merchants of death.” They thrive on war. The missiles, bombs, combat planes, aircraft carriers and such keep developing so rapidly that unless used in a hurry, they are all destined to become the world most expensive garbage dump sooner or later. In a country like Japan, which is at constant risk of earthquakes, typhoons, floods or volcanic eruptions, the government should be more concerned with how our security is affected by these inevitable natural disasters, instead of possible attacks by an “axis of evil” in the future. These could be avoided through persistent negotiations (that’s what the government is for, isn’t it?), but natural disasters can not be negotiated away.

Japan is now at the most critical crossroads since World War II. If we ever let go of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, which renounces the right of belligerency, we would no doubt repeat the same horrible mistakes as we made in the first half of the 20th century. In order to help developing nations stand on their own, we should provide as much personnel and material assistance as possible, but we should never, NEVER send our troops outside Japan again. In a country where the concept of individualism has not been understood nor appreciated that well, the rise of military power is almost a synonym for fascism.

This is what my beloved old cat, Jackie, has taught me.