Laurie Toby Edison



Bookstores and Distributors

Prepaid STOP orders from Books in Focus or Shifting Focus Press qualify for a discount. Shipping is $5 for priority US mail.

Our commercial distributors in North America are:

  • Alamo Square: phone (415) 863-7410, fax (415) 863-7456
  • Last Gasp: phone (415) 824-6636, or
  • Baker & Taylor: phone (800) 775-1800, or

Stores may also order directly from us. Call, write, or email us at Books in Focus for terms and discounts. We can ship orders of 20 or more to Europe or Japan in a week for about $3 shipping for each book.

Books in Focus
PO Box 77370
San Francisco, California 94107 USA
Phone: free in the US: 1-800-463-6285
Fax: +1 415-641-8228